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On Time On Target™

Providing Visionary Business Solutions™ — bridging the gap between the business and technology. Please explore a portion of our portfolio and contact us with your requirements.


  • equestrian facilities and training
  • television production
  • real estate development and planning
  • charitable giving
  • technology manufacturing
  • environmental analysis
  • insurance
  • social services
  • retail
  • garment industry
  • government
  • tourist
  • legal services
  • medicine


  • Requirements gathering and documentation specializing in Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Client management and liaison, bridging the gap between Business and Technology
  • Web site and web based application design and development
  • Desktop and distributed application design and development
  • n-tiered application development
  • Component object design with emphasis on code reuse and encapsulation
  • Collaborative solutions utilizing Microsoft Outlook and Exchange
  • Network design and administration
  • Full featured, turn-key, multi-user applications within varying industries including

On Time On Target™

GerLin™ Consulting and Design brings extensive experience in management, design, development, and implementation of information systems for business, industry, education, and non-profit.